Here are some of the most recent talks - for a complete listing click here.

Overcoming weakness - Exodus 3-4:17 (Moses) (download)
Exodus 3-4:17
Mike Williams, 24/09/2017
Overcoming Evil - Temptation (download)
Matthew 4:1-11
Diana Avery, 17/09/2017
Overcoming Inferiority - Gideon (download)
Judges 6
Mike Williams, 10/09/2017
Overcoming the World, saying Yes to God (download)
Isaiah 6
Mike Williams, 03/09/2017
Born Again To Rule (download)
Mike Williams, 23/07/2017
The Government Shall Be on His Shoulders (download)
Isaiah 9: 1-7
David Coak, 16/07/2017
How Full Are You? (download)
Ephesians 5: 17-19
Diana Avery, 16/07/2017
Battling With Doubt (download)
Luke 7:18-38
Ian Coffey, 09/07/2017
Prayerfully Devoted to Opening Doors for the Gospel (download)
Colossians 4
Mike Williams, 02/07/2017
Building Households that Demonstrate the Cross (download)
Colossians 3: 18-25
Mike Williams, 25/06/2017
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